Sweet Pork Roast

This is another favorite recipe that you can put in the oven and forget about it. It is super easy and very delicious. It is definitely good enough for company. Ingredients 4 1/2 pound pork center-cut loin, tied if desired 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire 1 Tablespoon soy sauce 2 teaspoons Mrs. Dash 2 teaspoons Lowry’s seasoning […]

Texas Stackups

This is a really old favorite recipe of mine that I recently found tucked away in the back of my recipe box. This is a super easy, make-ahead crockpot recipe. It is a great recipe for a crowd. It would certainly be appropriate for this year’s Super Bowl Party! Ingredients 2 cups dry pinto beans […]

Country Pasta with Mozzarella

This is a simple recipe that was a family favorite of my youngest daughter. She would frequently request this dish and I was glad to comply since it was so easy and she would happily eat the broccoli. Try it… it is kid tested and family approved! Be sure and buy your spices at . […]

Unstuffed Pork Chops

This is a favorite recipe for a fall evening. I was raised in the south where pork was always served with apples of some type. I like to serve it with baked apples and a green salad. Homemade applesauce makes a great side dish, too. Ingredients 5-6 pork chops 1/4 cup butter 1 1/2 cup […]

Easy Oven Chow Mein

This was an old favorite recipe of my family’s that I made a lot when the kids were young. It is easy and needs only a salad or vegetable to complete the meal. Directions 1 pound ground beef 1 cup chopped onion 2 cups chopped celery 1 cup uncooked rice 1/3 cup soy sauce pepper […]