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Nani’s Pesto Risotto

I love risotto and have been making it quite often lately. I am no expert at it, but have been pleased with most of my results. I made pesto risotto last night and declare it a winner and it will definitley become a family favorite recipe. Risotto is labor intensive, so plan your meal accordingly. […]

Lemon Chive Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts aren’t always a favorite of children, but they are sometimes intrigued by these tiny little cabbages. They are certainly full of flavor and here is a nice easy recipe that enhances their flavor with just a hint of lemon and chives. Although this may not become a family favorite recipe, I am sure […]

Skin-On Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Here is another favorite recipe from my Mom’s files. Garlic mashed potatoes are really popular now. My Mom used to make them before they became a staple on every restaurant menu. I think the secret is roasting the garlic first. Try these, they are worth the extra time for the garlic roasting. Ingredients 4 to […]