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  • Old Fashioned Banana Split Dessert

    I couldn’t believe it when I found this old family recipe in my Mom’s files. We only had it on rare occasions when Mom wasn’t worrying about fat and cholesterol. Try this dessert for your next family get together. In my opinion this is better than the real thing! Ingredients 2 -3 bananas graham cracker […]

  • Grandma’s Old Fashioned Green Split Pea Soup

    Here is another favorite recipe from my Grandma. I always preferred the bean soup, but this one is really good too. It is definitely comfort food for a cold day. Ingredients 1 pound dry green split peas 3 quarts water 1 onion, chopped 1 carrot, diced 1 uncooked potato, diced 1 ham bone or 1/8 […]

  • Grandma’s Old Fashioned Sour Cream Raisin Pie

    This pie was always a favorite of my Mom and Grandma. They both loved it and considered it the ultimate dessert. My Mom still orders sour cream raisin pie when she sees it on the menu at Baker’s Square, but she insists that hers is better! Ingredients 1 cup raisins 1/4 cup cornstrach 1/2 teaspoon […]

  • Grandma Tasher’s Homemade Navy Bean Soup

    This is an old family recipe that must be close to 75 years old. My Grandma made it and my Mom made it and she is now 87. I’ve tried other recipes, but always come back to this one. I think the shredded carrots give it the perfect color, great consistency, and perfect flavor. My […]