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    Recently a link to T-shirt Hell was put on this website. Out of curiosity I clicked on it and could not believe the t-shirts that these people are selling. Really unbelievable! Take a look at them, do people really wear these shirts??? Would you buy one? But anyway it got me thinking about t-shirts and […]

  • Bucking Starbucks

    For at least 10 years Starbucks has been my favorite coffee shop.  In fact I’m sure some of my friends considered me a bit of a coffee snob, because I would only go to Starbucks.  You see I enjoy 1 large cup of coffee a day, usually mid-morning.  I expect that cup to be rich, dark, and […]

  • Diving at The Dump

    Why would anyone name their business “The Dump”? I thought it was because it was clever and attention getting. I never dreamed they named it that because it was the TRUTH! In case you are not familiar with “The Dump”, it is a furniture clearance warehouse. Not sure where they originated, but I recently got […]