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Bucking Starbucks

For at least 10 years Starbucks has been my favorite coffee shop.  In fact I’m sure some of my friends considered me a bit of a coffee snob, because I would only go to Starbucks.  You see I enjoy 1 large cup of coffee a day, usually mid-morning.  I expect that cup to be rich, dark, and satisfying and Starbucks never disappointed.  I finally understood what Folgers meant by “Good to the last drop”.  

But not anymore.  Every time I go to Starbucks now, I get a lousy cup of coffee.  In fact I haven’t even been able to finish the cup.  It is that bad!  And this has not been at one location, it has been at different stores and different cities.  The coffee is not rich and strong and satisfying. It is weak and tasteless and  boring.  What’s going on?  Are they using less coffee ?  Are they buying reject beans?  Are they reheating yesterday’s coffee?  Oh, I hope the staff isn’t pissed off about something. UGH

Today I had coffee at Panera Bread,  I had their dark roast and it was very good.  Tomorrow maybe  I’ll try Caribou or Dunn Brothers or I’ll just make it at home.  I have discovered Sam’s Club’s Members Mark Free Trade French Roast whole beans.  It is excellent and 1/2 the cost of Starbucks.

 Yup, think I’ll just make my own and Buck Starbucks!


2 responses to “Bucking Starbucks”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Good read. Yep sometimes it has to be a good cup of coffee. I have Caribou, Seattle’s Best at Subway, SuperAmerica, McDonalds and Brueggers in my rotation, as there is no Starbucks on the way to work.

  2. Nickers Avatar

    We will have to start roasting our own coffee this coming winter. That would be a fun and tasty project!

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